Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How to Improve Your Corporate Culture

1.     1.  Employees– Put employees first.  Hire well, and look for leaders with excellent emotional intelligence and exceptional technical skills (in that order).  When the leaders of companies that put employees first are asked why they are successful, they say “We are successful because of our people."  

2.     2.  Customers – Happy employees create happy customers.  Satisfied customers buy more.  They also refer their friends to the company’s products and services.  Remember that the leaders work for the employees and the employees work for the customer.  
      3.  Profits – If you do 1 and 2 well then number 3 comes naturally, often and in higher quantities.  Happy employees that treat the customer well leads to more profits and lower costs.

Zappos, SW Airlines, Google, SAS and other companies with great cultures know that the three elements above (in the right order) make the difference.  



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