Sunday, January 29, 2017

How to be One of the World's Best Bosses

The picture above is from the show "The Office".  This is not what you want to do to be the World's Best Boss.  

On the other hand, the former CEO of Delta Airlines, Richard Anderson outlined what he did to be one of the best bosses in the world.  What he consciously did, led him to get incredible outcomes for the employees at Delta first and then for the company.  Delta went from bankruptcy to become one of the 50 Most Admired Companies in the World in Fortune Magazine in just a few years.  As you lead a family, church, small or large organization think of doing the steps below in the order specified. 

      1.  Culture - Set, know, communicate and live the company values – Be Culture-Driven
      2.  Structure - Run a Meritocracy structure where people are there based on performance
      3.  Strategy - Set the overarching strategy by finding sustainable competitive advantages
      4.  Communication - Take the messages of the 3 items above to the Constituents (employees, suppliers, customers, Wall Street, Washington, DC, etc.). 

Starting with people (culture) then structure and strategy answers the why, how and what questions in the right order.  Communicating it all keeps people working together and helps avoid silos.  It is the order and importance you put on each of the above steps that differentiates the good leaders from the great ones.


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