Thursday, January 26, 2017

Improving Emotional Intelligence in Leaders – The Cell Phone Test

What is emotional intelligence and why is it so important?  Emotional intelligence is the ability to relate to others on their level and create likeability.

So how do you measure emotional intelligence or the likeability rating someone has.    One simple way is to look at your cell phone next time someone calls you.  If you get excited when you see the persons name on display your cell phone that is calling, then that person has high emotional intelligence with you.  If you do not  want to answer, then that person has very low emotional intelligence with you.

Why is emotional intelligence so important for being a great leader?  Other than your skill set, people tend to follow and pay attention to people they like.  These people get results by influencing others with their emotional intelligence. 

Next time you select a leader do the cell phone test and ask others if they enthusiastically answer calls from this person.  It is so important to elect these people as leaders.  All things being equal we want to be lead by people we like and respect.


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