Monday, January 23, 2017

Mom's tips for her teenage daughter on setting goals.

We all set goals in our life. It's what we do as a way to contribute to society, our family and our own dreams. When you set a goal it creates a vision in a long term and also makes you stay motivated on a daily basis. When working on a goal you need to acquire a new set of skills and also you have to organize your time and resources in a more efficient way and as a result you get more out of your life.

There's many areas where you can focus your goals on. Your career, improving your finances, getting a better education, art, the way you communicate, your attitude towards life and others, your family, learning a new language or practicing a new sport.

If you make a conscious decision, time for it and make it a priority, then any goal can be achieved. I would pick one or two goals at the time and stick to them until they become habits and creates a real life changing experience that makes you grow as a person.

Veronica Waid


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