Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What is Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture, the set of behaviors, values, artifacts, reward systems, and rituals that make up an organization. The word culture, Merriam-Webster’s  2014 word of the year was chosen as it not only became part of our daily conversation, also as it appeared in a vast number of headlines and as part of analyses across an extensive number of topics. So what is culture? Many define it as “what happens when nobody is watching”. Are employees busy and working with customers or are they quietly working alone? Do they get in early, do they leave late?  Is the working place neat, inspiring with values and icons around? Is it a place that invites you to stay? Is there collaboration going on between people? These are all the signs that help you understand your organization’s culture.

So why is it Corporate Culture key in business? Many companies struggle to align their organization's culture with its business strategy. Alignment is important to integrate the business strategy with the employees’ talents, competencies and skills in a way that can best accelerate the organization achieving its performance goals. Culture-driven companies put their people first, they offer support through a dynamic and fluent communication with their leaders and provide the necessary resources for workers to enhance their performance, helping employees understand and adopt new behaviors aligned with the desired culture. Maintaining a strong corporate culture is the determining factor in making companies succeed and last for generations.


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