Sunday, February 26, 2017

Are You Focusing on the Hottest Topic in Business Today?

In a study conducted at Duke University, 1,900 CEOs were interviewed and the conclusion was that the hottest topic in their businesses today is corporate culture.  It was higher than all the other topics as a business driver.

The study also showed that only about 15% of companies had healthy corporate cultures and more than a third had serious improvements to make.  More than half were worried about their company cultures and need to improve them.

So if you have a problem and it is important, what should you do?  You can flee from it, complain about it or take action.  Taking action is what is most appropriate here as this is not going away.  The financial crisis and huge public relation issues recently point to taking action.  So take action today and get professional help as culture is something companies need to focus on and it takes time.


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