Saturday, February 18, 2017

Don’t Call My Baby Ugly – Work Strategies for Managing-Up

How many of you have wanted to tell your boss or bosses boss that they are wrong, do not know what they are doing or something much worse?  At some point probably most people have dreamed of doing this and for the adventure seekers they have actually done it with mixed results, probably mostly “crash and burn.”

Now if you think about it, would you like people calling your baby ugly?  Would you?  And if they did call your baby ugly, how would you treat them, what would you say and most importantly what might you do?  Probably many scenarios are going through your head right now.  Slow and painful, fast and furious and many other movie titles might come to mind.

So in lieu of becoming a casualty in an action movie, what are a few simple strategies for not calling someone’s baby ugly.  Here are three to get you started.

1.     Find something in common with your managers and talk about that
2.     Invite them to coffee, breakfast, lunch or even dinner and get to know them
3.     Say nice things to them and praise them on the things you like about them

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