Sunday, February 19, 2017

How Poor Performers Become CEO's

Have you seen people who should have been fired a long time ago become CEO’s eventually?  This happens more than people think.

It is a phenomenon I call “Chair Sitting” and the people that do it are called “Chair Sitters”.  Chair sitters are poor performers who are good at “managing up.”  When there is poor management, high performers leave (because they can find another job) and low performers (chair sitters) stay (because it is hard for them to get another job).

The low performing chair sitters eventually get promoted, hire other low performers and so goes the story until there are so many poor performers protecting the others that the one who sits in the chair the longest becomes CEO.

Have you seen this happen?  If you have, please stop the vicious cycle by promoting the high performers with people skills and firing the chair sitters.  This will significantly improve your corporate culture, lead to better outcomes for everyone (maybe not for the chair sitters) and eventually send a message to the chair sitters that we have your number and we are not going to take it anymore.  


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