Saturday, February 4, 2017

How to Make Your Sales Process Stick

Sales processes are expensive to implement, often do not stick, and can cost your company a lot of money in current and future sales.  Putting effort into getting the right sales process and making it stick can pay big dividends.  Below are some ideas on how to do this. 
1.    There are 100’s of sales processes, pick one (make sure it is simple and easy to follow) and stick with it (commit to programs that last 6 months or more as then you will start creating behavior change and lasting habits).  Make sure your process includes closing and really helps you sell more.
2.    Once you have the process, stick with it, train it and give feedback constantly on positives and points of improvement (in that order).
3.    Stick with the process and make it conscious, intentional and part of your everyday behavior and communication.
4.    Celebrate the wins along the way and praise people for the effort they are putting into following the process.

5.    Make the process a habit, reinforce it and train new people on it.  Never stop working on it or communicating and praising as it will be your sales culture that determines your current and future success.
As you see from the above your process needs to become part of your sales culture for it
to really stick and this will take time.  Invest in it and stick with it.  The payoffs are worth 


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