Friday, February 17, 2017

If Walls Could Talk - How to Improve Your Company Culture

If the walls at companies could talk what would they say?  The stories told about companies can be a good or bad reflection on the corporate culture. Should leaders be concerned about the stories told?
The President of Aflac (a large U.S. based supplemental insurance company) commented that when there was the large earthquake in Japan several years ago, as people were fleeing from Japan the Chairman of their company was flying to Japan to help and support the employees and customers. Japan is AFLAC’s largest market and this story speaks volumes about their corporate culture of caring.  This story helps Aflac inside and outside the company.
On the opposite side, there are countless stories of managers yelling at their people, firing people right before the holidays, and working people so hard they burn-out and leave.  These stories can hurt the people, morale, retention and the top and bottom line.  
Make sure you are the leader that inspires good stories to be told. It is the right thing to do and it is also good for business. Good stories lead to better employee retention, attracting better talent, productivity, happy employees/customers and more sales/profits. Good stories tend to equate to good culture and the opposite is also true.

If Walls Could Talk


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