Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mom's tips to her teenage daughter on being a good friend.

They say friends are family that you get to choose. With friends we share our success and achievements, our milestones, our losses, our everyday hardships, adventures and we are mutual reciprocants and givers of advice that comes straight from the heart (of course I'm talking about those friends you count in one hand and you don't need to set any rules with because you know they'll always have your back) 

So here are my tips to preserve those precious  gems we call friends shining throughout our life. 

* Always consider their needs when making decisions about where to go, when to get together and how to spend your time.

* Make them feel special as they are, tell them thank you when they do something nice for you like giving you advice or spending their time with you when you are going through a rough patch.

* Become the person that they could trust on and won't judge them.

A good friend to you is also:

* Someone who will cry when you cry and vice versa.

* Someone who shows loyalty to you.

Remember that all of this behaviours that make you a good friend should be reciprocated in order to have a healthy relationship.

Enjoy a great time with your friends and create good memories.

Veronica Waid


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