Friday, February 17, 2017

Mom's Tips to her Teenage daughter on making a career choice.

It is never too late to start talking about career choices and dreams. One day our little girl turns all of the sudden in this beautiful amazing tennager with all the questions you can't even imagine, tons of ideas and different views about the world and YES what a different world this is!

Possibilities are endless which is great and also can create some confusion when the choices have to be narrowed to a number close to 1.

Here are some points to start ahead.

* Even if your daughter is a pre-teen or a teenager and may not be ready to embrace a career choice, doesn't mean that she can't be exposed to all the career possibilities and get to explore all of the different occupations available, this way she'll realize there's many options available to her.

*  Even if you think a career is not a good fit for her, let her explore it and come to her own conclusions. The last thing she'll need is to be discouraged.

* Connections at work, relatives and aquaintances are a good way to let your teen understand and interact with people with different backgrounds and life experiences. It for sure is an enrichment encounter that'll she'll benefit from.

 * Take advantage of the "Take Our daughters and Sons to Work Day". It is held annually on the fourth Thursday of April and it can not only help them understand what you do when you are at work, also make you more appreciated by all your effort and create a stronger bonding with you.

* Last and most important, Have Fun, Have Fun, Have Fun!!

Veronica Waid.
Corporate Culture Consulting
Senior Consultant


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