Monday, February 6, 2017

Mom's tips to her teenage daughter on surviving the first day at a new school.

Just imagine for a moment being "the new kid at school". New building, new teachers, new rules and most importantly "new kids". How not to sucumb and feel scrutinized by them at every single moment? Now that's a challenge. And then if the day is passed with minimum attention on us the better or is that so?

Here are some tips that will help anyone when presented with the challenge of being in a new environment.

* Hygiene is the number one key component of your appearance, take time to make sure you are at your best at it. Clean hair and clean nails are a must. Use deodorant and also bring it with you on your backpack.

* Wear something comfortable, don't dress to impress, keep it simple and in a fashion that doesn't make a statement.

* Keep makeup to a minimum, just wear some cream color base and a little lip gloss, it will give you confidence and also will send the message that you are not trying too hard to impress anyone.

* Practice some phrases and rehearse whatever answer you think you are going to be giving when asked about your previous school, family etc.

* Smile and be nice to everybody, it takes time to get to know people well, don't rush into conclusions too fast about your classmates or your teachers.

* Just be friendly and positive and you'll end up having a fun rewarding experience. That way attention becomes a positive rewarding experience.

Veronica Waid


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