Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Promote More Introverts

Many of the people we select for leadership roles are task-oriented extroverts.  They get things done and are usually the loudest and seem like the most confident people in the room.  These are the people that you would think make great leaders until they try to get buy-in and people to follow them.  We forget sometimes that leaders lead people and that all things being equal we tend to follow the people we like.

Some of the best leaders in companies are humble, quiet, steady, get buy-in and are well liked and respected.  Their profiles are those of people-oriented introverts and the jobs that are often associated for people with these personality traits are support roles like assistants, teachers and nurses.  

Have you ever met an assistant, teacher or nurse that would make a better leader than the one you have now or have had in the past?  If you answered yes, then why are they not in the leadership roles (all the way up to CEO).

The simple answer is they do not speak up and are often overlooked.  That is a shame.  So as a suggestion, find the people in your company that have these traits and train them in management and leadership.  They may become the best leaders you have ever seen (and heard).


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