Monday, February 20, 2017

Why High Performers Get Fired

Have you ever heard the saying “You are so right, you are wrong.”  If not, I may have made it up to explain why even though you should not “kill the messenger”, often people do. 

When a high performer is confronted with a manager that she or he thinks is not doing things correctly (or is not very good) they may call them out on it.  This can be extremely productive if the high performer gets along with the manager, the manager is mature and the feedback is focused on positives for praise first and then points of improvement for growth.  This can also get really ugly really quickly and lead to the high performer getting fired.

So, if you are a high performer get along with your boss, find things in common, make peace and stay and make it work and help each other grow or find another position (in or outside the company) and leave on good terms.  Remember, messengers do get killed.  Don’t burn bridges or get fired unnecessarily.  Control yourself so you win.  Hope this feedback helps.


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