Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The One Communication Tool of the Rich and Famous in Business

Many of the rich and famous business people use a simple tool to make their communication more powerful. The best salespeople, businesspeople and famous people know the power of asking open questions and asking “why” a lot.

Adults tend to talk more than ask and when they do ask they use many closed questions. Closed questions start with verbs like are, will and do. Open questions start with six key words – who, what, where, when, why and how. These magic open questions are the keys to the kingdom. “if you do not ask for the business, you do not get the business”. Remember to start your questions with these six key words consciously and over time you will make it a habit and part of your personal and business culture. 
So start asking like crazy and magic things will happen. Ask "Why..." and figure out what’s behind. Ask "How..." and learn how to do something that gives you a sustainable competitive advantage. Ask "Who..." to get to the right person and get the sale. Ask, ask, ask and then when you are tired, ask some more. Hint: remember to ask open questions, its a lot harder than you think if you do not do it consciously.


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