Sunday, March 26, 2017

Want to be Really Successful?

Want to be really successful? There is a secret that the most successful people have mastered. Want to know what it is?
The most successful people developed the habit of preparation early in life. They were the ones that did all their homework every night and never cut corners. When they had to read a book they read the whole book and when an assignment was due or a test was given they were preparing in writing. Because of this, they did better in school, got into better colleges and graduate schools and received better job opportunities.
If you are like a lot of people and do not prepare in writing it is never too late to start. Prepare for meetings, calls, presentations, interviews, etc. When you get a new gadget, read the instructions. You will be so rare that people will wonder why you are all of a sudden being so successful. Practice written preparation until it becomes a habit (usually takes 6 months of constant practice). Remember, written preparation is 90% of success.
Make preparation part of you personal and company culture and watch how successful you and your company become.


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