Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Creating A Corporate Culture of Creativity & Innovation

Corporate culture is made up of the values and more importantly the daily behaviors of your people. Richard Anderson, the former CEO of Delta Airlines said that creativity is really one of your only true competitive advantages over time.  If creativity and innovation are important values and drivers for your company, then what are some key daily behaviors you can practice to make innovation part of your cultural DNA?

The value to get creativity is adaptability.  The two daily behaviors to do and one not to do needed for creativity and innovation are:
1.  Develop new ideas as part of your daily behaviors until this habit happens naturally.
2.  Develop the behavior of giving and getting feedback both positive and points of improvement.
3.  Do not hamper creativity by being too money, results and short term oriented.

Make creativity and innovation part of your culture and incorporate it in your daily behaviors through training and development on the value of adaptability and the key driving behaviors.  Are you and your company culture-driven?



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