Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cultural DNA

 The Culture DNA of an organization is usually stablished during the creation process of it, during its first steps and when those first decisions are taken and turned into action.

The first actions taken at the initial stages of a company reflect the wishes and dreams of the founders and therefore they’re based on beliefs, convictions, values and personal dreams. With time these beliefs become part of the organization’s structure, its DNA.

Organizations who are struggling at their base, their inner core, face the biggest challenge, DNA change.

Now is it even possible for it to change? Of course it is!

The how is the most important part.

·        First everybody in the organization has to agree that change is necessary (leadership playing the most important role in it when it’s been decided that values need to be changed, learned and practiced).

·        Second leaders should keep always in mind that real changes take time, effort and collaboration.
·        Sometimes people in the organization will have to be replaced if they don’t adapt to change.
·        Many times hiring the right people, the ones who already share the same values, is the way to go.

All of it is possible if the final goal is to be sustainable and have more market presence which in result will be translated in a bigger profit gain. A company’s DNA determines how the organization is perceived by clients and how the market act in response.

Veronica Waid


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