Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Culture is a Company's Secret Weapon

Your secret weapon is right in front of you.  Your leaders and people represent your culture.  Are their attitudes and behaviors in accordance with the culture you want?  If they are, you have a secret weapon. If not, you have a weapon of mass destruction. 

Why is your culture so important that we call if your secret weapon that can make extraordinary things happen? Because the most important factor for success or failure in a business is the people. This includes the leaders of course. If the leaders stand for and live the right values and behaviors the culture and business will do well. If the opposite is true they will not do well. So many corporate cultures today are not built on purpose and if they are, they have to be constantly protected and nurtured to keep them in good standing.

How are your leaders and people helping or hurting your culture?  Your culture can make extraordinary or terrible things happen. If you have a customer service team that treats people well and holds people accountable, chances are you will do well. If they do not, then you will suffer or struggle to achieve the results you want. 

How much effort and time are you spending on yourself, your people and culture?  How important is the success of your company?  If it is, work on your culture and get help if you need from a culture consulting firm. If not, "duck and cover." Are you Culture-Driven?

Culture-Driven Companies Win

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